Consulting Activities & Preservation Initiatives Under ELIHPA & LIHPRHA

CCDC has provided development consulting services to resident councils and community-based non-profit organizations that have acquired and preserved HUD-assisted properties as affordable housing:

Resident Council Purchasers

  • Carmen‑Marine Apartments, Chicago, IL. This 300-unit property located on Chicago’s North side is the first Resident Purchase Plan approved by HUD in the country under Title VI. CCDC has served as technical assistance provider to the Carmen‑Marine Tenant’s Association (CMTA) and has developed this $23 million acquisition and rehabilitation program with the Resident Association who intend to operate the property as a cooperative. CCDC developed and processed the Plan of Action and will continue to provide consulting and owner representative services through completion of the rehabilitation program at the project.
  • West Park Place Apartments, Chicago, IL. CCDC represented the West Park Place Residents’ Association in their successful effort to purchase this 69‑unit property. The transaction closed in May, 1995. Construction completion is expected in late 1996.
  •  820 W. Belle Plaine Apartments, Chicago, IL. CCDC represented the 820 W. Belle Plaine Cooperative in its purchase of this 270‑unit property which closed in January, 1996 utilizing the HUD capital grant program.
  • Pinegrove/Waveland Apartments, Chicago, IL. CCDC represented the 707 Tenants Association in its purchase of this 220-unit property which closed in August, 1996.
  • Kenmore Plaza Apartments, Chicago, IL. CCDC represented the Kenmore Plaza Tenants Association in its acquisition of this 324-unit elderly property in 1997.
  • Cambridge Manor Apartments, Chicago, IL. CCDC represented the Cambridge Manor Tenant Council in its acquisition of this 312-unit elderly property in 1997.

Community-Based Non-Profit Purchases

  • Lakeview Towers, Chicago, IL. This 500-unit Section 221(d)(3) project was acquired by Lakeview Towers Preservation Corporation (LTPC), a not‑for‑profit affiliate of Voice of the People of Uptown, Inc., in August 1992. CCDC served as technical assistance provider/ consultant to LTPC to facilitate this acquisition under Title II and is presently serving as construction manager for the $7.1 million rehabilitation of the project.
  • Jefferson Court Apartments, Milwaukee, WI – 222 Units; Closed: February, 1995
  • Batavia Apartments, Batavia, IL – 290 Units; Closed: April, 1995
  • DeKalb Plaza Apartments, DeKalb, IL – 150 Units; Closed: March, 1996
  • Towne & Country Apartments, West Chicago, Illinois – 189 Units; Closed: March, 1995
  • Crystal Terrace Apartments, Crystal Terrace, Illinois – 80 Units; Closed: April, 1995
  • Mapletree Apartments, Woodstock, Illinois – 124 Units; Closed: April, 1995
  • Vermilion Gardens Apartments, Danville, Illinois – 240 Units; Closed: April, 1995
  • Constitution House Apartments, Aurora, Illinois – 232 Units; Closed: September, 1996
  • Colony Park Apartments, Carol Stream, Illinois – 284 Units; Closed: September, 1996
  • Mulford Square Apartments, Phases I and II, Rockford, Illinois – 268 Units; Closed: June, 1996
  • Howard Woods Apartments, Portage, Wisconsin – 40 Units
  • Rockview Apartments, Jefferson, Wisconsin – 268 Units
  • Saxony Manor Apartments, Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 223 Units
  • Elder Manor Apartments, Tomah, Wisconsin – 80 Units